Monday, June 06, 2011

Time to plan for a holiday!

Before Ayden was born, we used to go for a holiday abroad at least once a year. Otherwise, I would tag along hubby on his business trips.

So now that Ayden's turn one, and I can leave him with his grandparent's with no problems, I am cracking my head on where to go for a holiday. YES, CRACKING! I have no idea where to go!

I mean, how hard can it be! A normal person would instantly have a wishlist on where to go, but I seriously can't think. Has my love for holidays diminished? Honestly, I'd want to go somewhere where I can bring Ayden, but I think he is too young to be travelling with us. It's not impossible, but I think mummy and daddy should have some time with each other and just be a couple for a few days.

So, I've been thinking, maybe Sydney is a good idea. I originally thought, maybe London, since hubby and I have not been to London together. But since we've already been there, Sydney might be a better choice since we both have not been to Sydney.

I've been to Brisbane and Melbourne and LOVED it to bits. At Brisbane we did the whole theme park thing and walking down Surfer's Paradise. Melbourne was actually hubby's business trip where I tagged along and explored most of Melbourne on my own. Totally LOVED it. I SO love Australian life. Would give ANYTHING to move there.

I googled on places to visit in Sydney, looks like there is plenty to explore. The iconic Sydney Opera house I guess is not to be missed. You really can't go wrong with Australia :)

Now that we've narrowed down to Sydney, next is to think where to stay!

Wish me luck

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