Saturday, June 04, 2011

A Saturday morning picnic!

There is a gorgeous park about 10 minutes drive from where we live. In the past, I used to do a lot of my photoshoots there. But since the park became so popular, it gets too crowded for a good shoot. It is still nevertheless a very nice park. They have a huge lake where there are turtles and fish, and there is also a stream, which is a BIG hit with the kids.

I packed a picnic basket for the adults and our tods. Just simple sandwiches and my friend K brought some fruits. The boys had a blast sharing their sandwiches, splashing in the stream and running around the play ground.

D is just about 4 months younger than Ayden but already much bigger than Ayden. K and I knew each other since our KLICKR days when we were busy carrying our cameras around town and shooting whatever we thought was photo worthy. Nowadays we've parked our cameras aside and diapers and drools are suddenly the centre of our lives!

Here are the photos!

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