Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

Its really late and I really should be in bed already. But its Father's Day and I really should write a post on it before I call it a night.

Ayden got daddy a card (well I got daddy a card and held Ayden's hand while I wrote a nice greeting in the card :D). Then took daddy to lunch at Bens at Bangsar Village.

It was our first time at Bens and I've always wondered what they had on their menu. I'm not sure if it is different from the one at KLCC, which I've also not been to yet, but the one at Bangsar Village was very simple. They had a long list of pizza, salads and side items. Thats it! A very short dessert menu, some really interesting smoothies and drinks.

Since it was Father's Day, daddy got to pick what he wanted on the menu.

He picked out...

Fish pie

Sweet corn and crab meat salad

and Breakfast Pizza!

The fish pie was really good! It also had prawns and mussels in it. Made in a thick creamy sauce and topped with mashed potatoes. The cream sauce was not too rich, but just nice. Went really well with the mash potatoes. The sweet corn crab salad was also fantastic! Light and refreshing, it complemented the creamy fish pie really well.

The main course was the pizza. It was called Breakfast! I was a little bit erked when I was it on the menu. It had everything you would order for breakfast. Sausages, beef bacon and a fried egg. Even had tomato sauce, not the pizza kind, but the ones you would have with breakfast. And it turned out really good! Surprisingly it tasted good as a pizza!

So that was our first experience at Bens. Food is fab, fresh and I would say, different. I was pleasantly surprised at the pricing as well. Not as expensive as I imagine it to be. I'd say it is even cheaper than Delicious.

So here's the happy daddy

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