Sunday, June 19, 2011

A good fun Saturday

Its been soooo long since I've been shopping at KLCC. I mean, it used window shop there DAILY. Now at my industrial workplace, sheesh, the only windows I see are the ones that looks out to the next office building. So today, I managed to convince hubby, surprisingly quite easily, to go shopping at KLCC. With the whole family in tow, including the maid, who was equally excited, we bundled up in the car and off we went.

OH it was so nostalgic. The shops I used to love, browse, find so much joy, comfort and therapy. Nevermind if I leave slightly poorer than when I arrived. Shopping is ALWAYS so good. And oh I did not know there was a new wing at Suria! Mothercare moved there and their store is bigger too! They have a whole ELC section. ELC toys are just too pricey for me and to date I have not gotten Ayden any toys from ELC.

It was also so strange to spend the afternoon WITH hubby around. I've gotten so used to him being NOT around and doing things on my own. Ever since he moved to his new job, he does not travel on weekends anymore.

So after a good afternoon of shopping, we all headed home for a good Saturday afternoon nap.

For Ayden's birthday party, we bought an inflatable pool for his fishing game. Of course with the double intention that we will definitely someday use it for him to splash in.

And we indeed do lots and lots of spashing! Especially on a hot hot day. So later that evening, we filled up the pool, threw in some toys and a fishing net and we are all set.

We also love blowing soap bubbles. Like all babies, Ayden goes crazy with the hundreds of bubbles floating in the air

Loving those bubbles in the air!

Bubbles all over me!

After a good splash and bubble popping, we were ready to get out and dry up. I  put him in his hooded towel and our little tyke took off. He ran off to look for his daddy who was washing his car outside. I ran after him and found him at the door. This was what I saw!

Tomorrow is a Monday, and like all Mondays, it generally is BLUE. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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