Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Busy month of July!

All things being fun and exciting, July is a busy busy month! Filled with weekend photoshoots and events.

There was a weekend where I had aThomas The Tank birthday shoot at Marc's Residence in KL. A very very posh service apartment in the heart of the city, right in the middle of the Golden Triangle. One of the little perks in being a photographer, you get to visit cool apartments in the city! End last year I had the privilege to visit The Binjai, another very posh service apartment for an Aqiqah shoot. So the Thomas Party was a blast, planned and decorated by party planner extraordinaire, Yee Send. Who would have thought Thomas could be such a fun theme. Well Yee Send made it possible! I wished I hired her for Ayden's first birthday party. Well, there's plenty more birthdays to come!

Just last weekend I had to be in Kuantan for an English, Math and Science Fest, where I was a committee member, so I had to be there. The horrid part of it is that I had to miss a DURIAN FEST that my office was organising and miss out on a free flow of the glorious golden fleshy, gorgeous smelly fruit. And I missed it for a stupid kids maths and science fest! And all I had to do was be the emcee for the day! To make myself feel better, I brought my whole family there so Ayden get to have fun by the beach, cos I was staying at Swiss Garden, while I go to work. The event turned out well, with a few last minute changes here and there, common when one organises an event. But generally it went fine. And to make up for the loss of opportunity to stuff my face with durian, on the way back from Kuantan, we stopped by to get Musang King at Karak!! Oh SO NICE!! And since hubby is not a fan of durian, the maid and I and of course Ayden had one whole large prickly one to ourselves. Musang King is seriously the best. At RM24 per kg, apparently it was a bargain.

Then on Sunday I had a baby portrait session. Went well, nothing special. Had some good shots. Only now staying up late to edit. So what else is new!!

Another exciting thing happened in the last few days, 2 of my best buddies had given birth!! One to a gir, and another to a boy! Both weigh 3.3kg and is still all brand new and pink. I brought Ayden to meet his two new friends, he did not have a clue what was going on but am sure when the babies are older, they will know what to do!

The coming weekends are equally exciting. My company will be having a family day and the following week hubby and I will be heading down to Singapore to watch Lion King!! Our first holiday together since Ayden was born!

Finally in the last weekend of July, there is meant to be another portrait session, for a family of 30! They are yet to confirm, but seriously, am hoping they dont. THIRTY!! That would be the largest family I would have ever shot.

In between all of that, I still have to ganti puasa. Lots to make up for since I was pregnant and breastfeeding the last 2 Ramadhans!

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