Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cold duck soba at Kuriya, Bangsar Shopping Centre

Ok I can't help it. But here's another food post!

One of our favorite Japanese Restaurants is Kuriya at BSC. And one of the things I ALWAYS order is the cold duck soba. The first time I saw it on the menu I thought, so wierd. I MUST try it! It turned out to be so so delicious. The duck, though unusual on a cold soba, went so well with the slightly boiled egg. The yolk ads so much flavor to the soba and goes so well with the duck. A little bit of wasabe with every bite brings out all the tastes and flavors. So so good. A must try!

Their sashimi is really good too! I love how they cut it, just the right thickness. I like my sashimi quite thick. Only then you can really sink your teeth into it and feel it melt in your mouth. Their medium set (enough for 2 people) has salmon, red tuna, scallops, shrimp, and mackerel. The scallops were so so sweet. Simply heaven! I enjoyed it so much that I forgot to take a picture! Oh well, all the reason to go back again for more!

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