Monday, September 26, 2011

A horsey day

Selangor Turf Club had a Horse Fiesta this morning. Ages ago I used to ride there. It was one of the cheapest place in town to ride and it did not require a membership. I think I paid something like RM45 per lesson, which was not bad at all. That was almost 10 years ago. As far as my riding proficiency goes, I could trot, canter, do simple dressage and very simple jumping.

So this morning, I was really excited to take Ayden to see the horses there. The place look so different. In fact, it looked all spruced up. Of course with the fiesta, the whole stable area was decorated and filled with festivities. They had clowns, mascots, pony rides, hot air balloon rides, handmade craft booths, and even a mobile starbucks stand. I was really impressed. They were really organised.

The stables where they kept the horses were all newly painted. All the horses were having their lunch when we were there so they were happily munching on hay. Ayden did not seem impressed with the horses. Infact, I think we were more excited than him! We were wowing at the horses. Each stable had little signs with their names on, where they were from and typically what their breed with would be useful for. At the time I was riding, there were two Shetland ponies, Dolly and Strawberry. I asked one of the stable boys if they were around. He pointed out Strawberry, but apparently Dolly was not around anymore. He's replaced with Pickles. Also a white Shetland, just like Strawberry.

They had a whole lot of new horses. Non were familiar since the time I was riding there. At the pony ride area, Ayden was a little bit nervous. I think he was nervous because of the sound of the hot air balloon up in the air. You know it makes those loud blowing noises everytime the flame comes on.

The handmade craft stalls were really interesting. I found a stall selling charm bracelets. Each charm only costs around RM4. And they had charms that totally says ME. They had LOADS to choose from but I chose a camera charm (my hobby), a baby pram charm (Ayden), a car charm (I love cars!), a shoe charm and a handbag charm (obviously). And it all only came up to RM36 together with the bracelet. Bargain compared to Thomas Sabo!

We also managed to catch the show jumping competition. How I miss riding! But since my back surgery (long story), it is not recommended for me to get back on the saddle again. I'm really hoping that Ayden takes  a liking to riding!  :D

We really did not stay that long at the fiesta. Ayden was tired because it was his nap time at that time we were there. So we left after staying only about 2 hours, but it was fun nevertheless.

Here are some photos!

Not a real horse :) 

Pony rides. Ayden didn't seem interested at all!

This little white Shetland is called Strawberry. She's been around since I was riding here at STC. There was another one called Dolly. According to the stable boys, Dolly is not around anymore. She is replaced by another white Shetland called Pickles.

Daddy and Ayden checking out the horses at the stables

Me with the hot air balloons

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