Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Island of Sodor

Ayden has a new found obsession for Thomas and Friends. It all started with the Sticky Toffee Thomas book his Grand Aunt got for him. He's been hooked since! Now he even knows the names of the other engines. Percy, James and even Gordon (Gordon looks exactly like Thomas except that he does not have the number 1 on his sides). 

So since he liked Thomas so much we decided to get him the Thomas toy and a pop up book.

And this is what he came up with this morning!

Around the tracts and the pop up garage he goes with Thomas

He parks Thomas next to the pop up Thomas and the pop up tunnel. 

He nearly mangled the pop up Thomas by shoving him with his real Thomas because he was trying to get his real Thomas into the tunnel

He ripped off the garage door to park next to Percy

In the end we decided to get this poor boy some real Thomas toys so off we went to Toys R Us and we found the Take and Play set. It even comes with a Take and Play Thomas. So here's a very happy boy

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