Friday, October 28, 2011

Of ME time

It's really strange to be walking by myself in a mall nowadays. It's like something is missing. It almost feels lonely despite the fact that I used to do it all the time, and enjoyed it too!

Am on a long weekend off. I am making it a point to spend lots of time with Ayden, as well as have some me time too. This morning I took Ayden for a swim at his grandma's house and went out to the mall by myself.

It's so strange to be able to take my own sweet time browsing. Making spontaneous decisions on what to do next. I walked into Hamammam at Bangsar Village 2 and on the spot decided to get an hour massage. Just like that! Any mom would know, that's a luxury of a decision to make! Lol!

I had a incredibly busy few months and I needed this break real bad. My body is actually so so tired and am mentally exhausted. This break, though short, is well deserved. There is a deep sense of satisfaction, having getting lots done and finally taking a break. I didn't want to make a holiday trip anywhere. I just wanted to relax at home and enjoy watching Ayden play, grow and discover new things.

Tomorrow I think I will take Ayden to jungle gym and then have a nice lunch at Stuff Your Face.

I love long weekends!!

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