Saturday, November 12, 2011

I have great friends

What a fantastic start to the weekend. I had dinner with the Makan Gang at none other than the famous Fatty Crab. Never fails to please the tummies and what a great place to meet up.

We used to meet up for dinner about once a month. We each take turns to recommend a good place to eat and organise the meet up. Over time we got busy and eventually we only meet about once in six months. Although not frequent, the turn out is always good. And this time round, since we had not met for such a long time, we had such a good long chat catching up with the latest hot goss over crab, garlic prawns and chinese fried rice. I miss them so much. I miss the warmth of their friendship. 

Its so different from the JV Co. I mean people from the JV Co are friendly, but it is a totally different culture altogether. Its all just work. Other than that, its just dull. All work and no play. Also, I don't think I really fit in. Its just a place to work. And thats it.

I miss my buddies from the Green Giant. They are colleagues, but they are also good friends. Its hard to explain the friendship. No matter where you go, anywhere in the world, if you meet someone from the Green Giant, you immediately speak the same language. You immediately get on. I remember when I went to Tashkent by myself, I had meeting at our office there. I knew no one. But we got on like a house on fire. They event took me out sightseeing over the weekend! 

I never thought I say this but I look forward to go back. Yes its in a big mess right now, but...  its a big family. Dysfunctional, but still a family :) 

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