Monday, November 14, 2011

of Art Classes

Ayden still has his package going at Gymboree and since he turned 18 months, he could start his art classes.

At his first few classes, he was totally not interested at all. He was wondering around the room, not even remotely interested to try out the fun paints and crafts. Mummy ended up doing most of it. But it was a good introduction for him to holding a brush, getting paint and glue on this fingers.

At home,  I bought some non toxic paints for him to play around with. He freaked out when he had paint on his fingers the first time! He cried his and held out his hands like he had the ickiest thing on his fingers lol!

One month later, here is what he could do!

Dipping his fingers away in the paint!

Besides painting, he also gets to do crafts like these ....

He did these few weeks back.

Basically at every art class, it starts with playing with some playdoh. Squisshing and rolling them. Then, they will do some painting or finger painting. After that they will do something that involves glueing stuff. Then a short story telling, followed by stacking giant foam blocks. All that in 45 minutes! Sounds packed, but really, every activity takes about 5-10 minutes. 

Had to be right infront for story telling!

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