Friday, December 16, 2011

Mumbai again

On my recent business trip to Mumbai, I put up at ITC Maratha. Very pleasant hotel, but I was event more pleasantly surprised when upon my arrival at the hotel, I was greeted at the hotel drop off. A lady in sari greeted my by my name and said that she will take me directly to my room! Dazed and tired from the late night flight I just obliged and followed. She said "Mam, we will do an in-room check in for you. Your luggage will be brought up to your room". I'm like ok, do they do this for all their guests??

We got into the lift and she continued rambling " Mam, your company has booked you a room on the Club Floor". I'm like okkaaaay, how much is this costing me??? Am not sure if I am entitled a room on the Club Floor!

We got to the room and I was gobsmacked. The room was gorgeous! It even has a massage chair! It's like a small suite. The bathroom was huge too! I had to ask, " So how much is this room?". She showed me the price. Not too bad. Works out to be USD 280. Too tired to question more, I just signed on the documents, gave my credit card and accepted the welcome drink which they brought to my room.

The first thing in tried after the not-so-long flight was of course, the massage chair. Simply love it! It has presets and I chose the 15 min back massage. Definitely loosened up those knots on my shoulders!

This bed is super comfy! Every night they out out a Dream Kerchief on the pillow! It's basically a scented wet tissue, kinda like wet wipes which is suppose to make you sleep well and have pleasant dreams lol!

The massage chair! Fully utilized throughout my stay. Love it to bits. Best part is that the tv is placed directly in front of it, so I'd be flipping channels while I get a good massage. Besides Indian channels, they also had other English satellite channels thank goodness!

The desk, where I do my work every night. Yes I am that hard working :p

The bathroom.

The tub. But I did not use it, preferred the shower better.


I also get to use the club lounge where they had happy hour from 6-8pm. Free flow drinks yo! My colleague from a Hong Kong, who had a room on a different floor, joined me for drinks every evening there. They also served canap├ęs.

I did managed to take a walk around the hotel on my last day there and checked out the pool.

Quite nice!


And of course in India the food is absolutely fabulous. I did not manage to get most of the food I had, but I did manage to get one the masala tossai's I had for breakfast. Which is a shame cos I had the best food ever over the 3 days I was there.

I did not manage to do any shopping as the traffic in Mumbai is crazy and by the time am done at the exhibition, I was dead tired. I did manage to bring home some Indian spices, which the hotel concierge so kindly ran out to buy for me. I thought it would cost me a bomb but it worked out to be only USD 1 per box! Ok la kan.

Am going again in January and hope to do some shopping then. Would probably be my last trip as I might be going back to theGreen Giant sometime next year! Never thought I say it, but I miss my friends and my old life.

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