Monday, December 12, 2011

Thinking of a holiday

Ayden has never been on an airplane. We never got around to planning an overseas trip. In fact this year, we did not travel abroad for a holiday at all. Simply because we did not plan things out well. Every time a long holiday comes along we regret not planning something.

Next year, I will be more prepared. I actually took a look at the 2012 calendar to check out all the public holidays. We are thinking of taking Ayden to Hong Kong Disneyland before he turns two. That's because his flight ticket would still be free heheh. Why waste the opportunity!

I've never even been to Hong Kong myself so it does not make it easy to plan a trip with a toddler in tow. I'm thinking, maybe it's better to take a package holiday to make logistics easier.

So we're thinking of going just after Chinese New Year. It would be off peak season then, and hopefully Disneyland would not be too crowded with people. This would be the third Disneyland I would have visited. The first was at Anaheim when I was 6! Yes it was a loooong time ago. During my uni days, on one of my backpacking trips, I went to Euro Disney. That was cool too although I thought it was weird that R2D2 spoke French.

So we are really excited. I hope that Ayden would enjoy the experience. So far when we took him to the Zoo and Bird Park, or even Aquaria he did not seem that impressed. Perhaps he was just too young then.

So if any of you got any tips on visiting Hong Kong and Disneyland with a toddler, do let me know!

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