Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Le Midi, Bangsar Shopping Centre

On Dec 27th we celebrated our 9th anniversary. NINE YEARS!! With our little cheeky boy in our lives, we couldn't be happier. Blissful if I may add.

And like ever year, I have to crack my head for that perfect gift. I mean, what else could I buy as a gift? So this year, as cliche as it sounds, I got hubby a golf club. A driver to be exact. An R11 to be more exact!! And like every year, at the stroke of midnight, we exchanged our gifts. This year, my gift was..... a boring camera bag. HAIYA!!!

But all was made up when hubby surprised me with a delicious dinner at Le Midi Bangsar Shopping Center. Located on the 3rd floor, next to Kuriya, it is a quaint little fine dining restaurant. They waiter sat us at a cosy corner by the window over looking.... our office... the Twin Towers! Yes its beautiful... but its still our work place! Don't really want to be reminded of work on our anniversary lol!

The service at Le Midi was excellent. The waiters were so attentive. It took us quite a while to decide on what we wanted. In the end we made a decision and here are the pictures of what we ordered.

For starters we ordered oysters. They were not incredibly delicious, but not too bad.

Hubby's lobster soup was DELICIOUS! I wished I ordered it but if I did, I know I'd be too full for my main course

And here's my main course. Wagyu steak!! Its my first time having wagyu and OH MY its so yummy! How am I going to have regular steak after this!

Hubby had a sirloin steak. Very yummy too but my wagyu was better

I guess they had gingerbread cookies from Christmas because they served us some with some really yummy chocolate

Although we were really full, I just had to try their dessert. This is a chocolate soufle with vanilla ice cream and it has to be the BEST chocolate soufle I've ever had! The centre is filled with yummy molten chocolate sauce and goes so well with the ice cream and strawberries. I must came back here just for this!

I'd definitely come back to this restaurant. Pricey but worth every penny!

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