Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Year of the Dragon!

CNY already came and went and I am so disappointed with myself for not updating my blog. There's been lots of public holidays namely the CNY long week break as well as this week's Prophet Muhammad's Birthday as well as Thaipusam long holiday.

And also disappointed with myself is that I did not fulfill one of my new year's resolution and that is to plan my holidays properly!! I tried in vain on Friday last week to book a holiday somewhere in Malaysia and needless to say, everywhere is fully booked. I am actually quite surprised. Didn't we just have a long holiday?? Didn't everybody just went away for a holiday?? I was aiming to go to the much talked about Pangkor Laut Resort. Of course, thats fully booked. Even Tanjung Jara. Also tried a few places in PD. All booked.

Oh well, I will try and try again with the next long holiday. And what I mean by try is, to book early next time! So where's that calendar!!

CNY was a fun affair, simply because we had a long holiday. We had our reunion dinner at Sime Darby's China Treasures. They served dinner in two shifts, apparently it is a new thing this year. I don't quite remember having it the previous years at any other restaurants. So we decided to take the first shift. The food was good but the service I felt was a bit rushed. Like they are trying to get us to eat and out of the restaurant as fast as they can! The chinese course meal did not arrive dish by dish but all at once. We did not feel comfortable nor enjoyed the dinner as it felt rushed. But the food was good though. Our dinner started at 6pm and the whole family arrived promptly. We finished at 7.30pm and was already home by then. That was how fast it was.

The next day we all traipsed to our grandma's house across the road for the CNY daty celebration. Its usually very simple. Just a simple vegetarian meal, lots of mandarin oranges and delicious cookies made by my aunt.

The rest of the day and week was just spent lazying around the house and enjoying the day off. Ok I may have slacked on my new year's resolution on planning my holidays and get aways properly, but really, I enjoy staying at home more. Being a working mum, staying at home and enjoying our home is a luxury. I bet lots of people would agree.

We just love our home. Its small, but we just love it. Its so quant. In the morning, there is this warm and cosy feeling in the kitchen. Our kitchen over looks our back garden so I can see the sun streaming through the trees and green outside. Its nice and quite and simply serene. I love that feeling so much.

Its the feeling of HOME.

So its the year of the Dragon and everyone is excited. I don't really know what the fuss is all about cos I am born in the year of the Dragon and I don't feel exceptionally special. Apparently Dragons are sought after because they are said to be ambitious and will success in life. Well.... look at me and see. Am not millionaire.

But I do see success in myself. I am a mom with a loving husband and cheeky boy. I got a stable job, a decent roof over my head and good health. I got everything I need. I don't need a whole heap of money. Just enough to get by our day. I don't need expensive cars, jewellery, designer clothes or bags (though I do love bags!!). Point is, I don't NEED it. If I can have it, its a BONUS. If I don't, am ok with it. I don't go green seeing other people have those things.

But what I do go green is seeing mums being able to stay at home with their children. Ok this is when we relook into the previous para and go... so what was that all about. You can give up your job easily right?? Since I don't NEED materialistic stuff??! Ok its a topic too deep to go through right now, maybe some other time and some other posts :D

So Happy New Year, although its too late, Chap Goh Mei was yesterday.

Enjoy the Dragon Year nevertheless!!

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