Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blue Lagoon, Port Dickson

When you don't plan properly, you end up at a public beach in PD. And any Malaysian would know this, its not the cleanest beach in the world.

But we did try to book early that morning. And would you believe it, even after all those long holidays, all the major hotels were fully booked!! like WHAT??!! But I insisted we MUST go! It sure beats strolling in shopping malls, yet again, and call it a good weekend!

So since hubby's mum had also moved to somewhere near PD, we decided to make a quick drive down anyway. After all, its only a one hour drive.

So after a lunch and a slow drive we ended up in PD at almost 4pm. We took a lazy drive around and decided to stop by Blue Lagoon. A public beach which is meant to be quite popular.

It was surprisingly not that crowded. We managed to get a spot under a shady coconut tree. There were lots of large families having a picnic. Some even set up tents!

The tide was really far out when we arrived so we had walk quite far out from the beach to get to the sea. Overall, it was not too bad. The beach was surprisingly quite clean and so was the sea. Nothing like the east coast of Malaysia of course.

Looking back at the photos, it did not seem that bad :D

The tide was really far out

The view on the beach

The boys having fun

Even the public toilet was real clean! RM1 for a shower and 50 sen if you just need to use the toilet. I'm impressed! 

Next week, we plan something better. I heard that Morib Gold Coast is fun. Maybe we should book a night there. Now that Ayden is older, he is more aware and is learning to enjoy himself. He really enjoyed himself in PD. He was so happy when the waves came crashing on him. He was laughing away happily. 

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