Monday, February 13, 2012

Aquaria KLCC

We brought Ayden to Aquaria for the first time when he was about 10 months old. At that time he had just started walking. He was also too young to understand what was going on around him, even though he was surrounded by amazing sea creatures!

This trip was different. He is more aware and he knows what he is looking at. He really enjoyed the trip this time and was busy pointing at all the fishes!

Entrance fees is a whopping RM35 per adult. Its free for babies and toddlers under 3. Because we are staff of the Green Giant, we get a staff discount and only pay RM28. I guess its worth it because its my third visit to Aquaria and I still enjoy it!

Looking at the otters. Besides fish, they have other small animals too.

There's the turtle!

They had crocodiles too!

And butterflies

And snakes!

I can't remember what this creature is called

It was fish feeding time and they were hand fed!

Fish food!

My most favourite part of Aquaria is the tunnel, where you walk into the aquarium and have fish swimming all around you and even above you!

Ayden was in awe

This is a little worm looking eel! It kept coming in and out of the sand!

They were that tiny!

Don't know what this is but sure looked scary!

These were beautiful

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