Thursday, April 05, 2012


I've not been updating my blog properly for the past few months. Well simply because I have not been myself and I've been incredibly busy with work. But now that things have slowed down and I am able to breath better, I am slowly putting my life back together and hopefully, update my blog more often.

So whats the surprise? Well, I am PREGNANT!! Yes 12 weeks this week! Surprised?

Well here's another surprise. We are pregnant with TWINS!! Hows that! Hubby and I nearly fell over when we found out and without a doubt we were a bit stunned for the first few days. It felt surreal. The only thing that made me sure that it was not a dream were the scans.

Yes folks we are about to begin another exciting journey with twins coming into our lives, things will definitely be different!

So how has Ayden been reacting to it? Well, he seems to understand that there is a baby in mummy's tummy. But I don't think he really understands that some day they will pop out and be his little sibblings haha. But he's been real sweet about it. He kisses my tummy and says "Hewo babies!"

One may ask, so do you have a history of twins in your family? My answer is no! Our twins are IVF babies, and so was Ayden. Courtesy of Dr. Prashant Nadkarni. We had our second ivf cycle in 2010 and had Ayden. Our twins were conceived via frozen embryo transfer.

I have blogged a lot about my first pregnancy but never mentioning about our ivf journey. Since we have been blessed with the success of IVF, I feel that I must share our story to give hope and faith to those who are trying.

So stay tuned and do follow my posts for more story to come!


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Hi. What is your tips for FET? many thanks.
I am sure many readers will benefit.:)