Friday, April 06, 2012

The FET story

We decided to do our FET over the long Chinese New Year break back in end January. Thankfully I was ovulating at that time and conditions were right for me to do an embryo transfer.

An FET procedure is very simple. Basically you just need to test when you will be ovulating and once you do, just give the doctor a call. He would then prepare the frozen embryos for transfer. Depending on how many day embryos they are, embryo transfer date might be 3 days after ovulation (if it is a day 3 embryo) or 5 days after ovulation (if it is a day 5 embryo). Mine happened to be a day 5 embryo.

So on that day we were up bright and early, and headed to the clinic with a full bladder. We were told to get changed and were ushered to the procedure room.

We met Dr. Prashant in the procedure room and he explained that our two embryos were good to transfer. One was exactly how it was before it was frozen while the other was just slightly of a lower quality. He reckons only one would stick but let’s just see how it goes.

So both embryos were transferred and I was told to rest for about half hour. Dr. Prashant had a cosy little room where there is a super comfy recliner (for the mummy) and a chair (for the daddy) and some magazines to browse. So we just relaxed for a bit then after that we could go home.

And that was it! An FET. I was told to lie down and relax for 48 hours and after that I can resume my normal activities. That was a Sat morning and I was back to work on Monday.

I was also given duphaston and folic acid to take throughout the two week wait. I was also told to do a home pregnancy test 10 days after the transfer and call the clinic if the test was positive.

To be continued……

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