Thursday, May 03, 2012

FET Story Part 2

So I rested at home for 48 hours, but I wouldn't say that I layed down the whole time. I did go up and down the stairs a few times and believe it or not, the day after the FET I actually went for a house viewing, which in the end we ended up buying! Talk about rezeki.

The following Monday I started work and tried not to think too much if the transfer worked out or not. Infact, I was pessimistic. The doctor says that the success rates of fresh and frozen embryos are the same. But from my friends who has done FET, none of them were successful and needed to go for another round of IVF.

Throughout the week I was feeling a little bit unwell. Nauseas and dizzy to be exact. I thought maybe the duphaston was causing some side effects. I decided to google on it and found some posts were duphaston was actually banned from some countries! So I called the clinic and told them I was feeling very unwell and asked if it could be the duphaston. The lady at the clinic advised that since I will be seeing the doctor in a few days time, just continue the meds and bear with the effects for a little while longer.

I was told that I could do a home pregnancy test 10 days after the embryo transfer. When the day came, I was just too nervous. It was a public holiday on that day and I was at home at that time. I could not bring myself to do the test in the morning. I really had to talk myself into it. At about lunch time, I had gathered enough courage and went to get the kit. Went to the toilet to pee on it and waited. The clinic had recommended the Clear Blue home pregnancy test as it was the most accurate. I did not have to wait long at all!

Just as the window on the stick was getting wet, the indicator was visible and clear.

It was POSITIVE!! I was still in the toilet then. I could not believe my eyes!! I was too scared to be sure that it was positive! So I waited some more ( I don't think it would have made a difference but still..). I waited for almost 20 minutes. The test was still POSITIVE!!

I took a picture of it on my iphone just to make sure the next day I know that it was for real. I sent the picture to my husband who was at that time playing golf.

I really was more shocked thatn overjoyed. It was like the first time we found out we were pregnant. We were not over the moon, just in a state of disbelief!

With the pregnancy test done, the next challenge was to make sure that there was a heartbeat. This confirms that the pregnancy is viable. I called up the clinic to tell them I had a positive pregnancy test and I was told that I was to go in for a scan in 2 weeks time.

So in that two weeks, I really felt awful. Nauseas, dizzy, tired. I did not remember feeling all that during my first pregnancy, which was why I thought it was the duphaston.

It was time to see the doctor for a scan and after a short wait at the clinic, we went in. The doctor asked how I was feeling. And I told him. I felt awful. He did not say much but just gestered for me to go into the scanning room.

He did a quick ultrasound scan and says.... "its TWO". And i blinked and said... "what??" He repeated "two. But go and pee and we will do a vaginal scan because my bladder was not full enough. He wanted to be sure".

So off I went in a daze. My husband was sitting in the scanning room in shock. I came back and the doctor said... " ok are you ready?" with a smile. So he scanned. "Yup, you are having twins!" Two sacs and two heartbeats!!!

We were both shell shocked. I did not even think that we would be successful let alone have twins!! Both me and my husband was just speechless.

Until now, at 16 weeks, I am still speechless. But I have all those montly scans to remind me that it is not a dream and it is very real.

We are so grateful and Alhamdullilah for the rezeki. We had a long journey in conceiving and manage to get a wonderful and happy boy. Being blessed with two more is just more than one can ask for.

We are truly blessed.

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