Sunday, July 22, 2012

27 weeks pregnant with twins

I do get my good days and bad days. Last weekend I had to be in bed all day. This weekend I had a photoshoots and actually went about buying baby things.

Yes we finally got cracking on it. We went to Babyland SS2 and got our supplies. The stuff that you need to replenish with each baby. Eg all the ointments, little face towels that seem to go missing with time, cloth nappies (we are going for cloth diapering with the twins) breast pads and so on. They are also having a deal for trading in your old Avent bottles and get new ones at great discounts. The 9oz wide neck bottles were going for RM30 and the original price was RM57 each. That's a pretty good deal!

I've also taken out all of Aydens newborn onesies and booties to see how many we have. Looks like we have enough for the twin! I don't imagine we need to buy anything extra. Maybe just a new pair of clothing each for them to come home in for the first time.

I get random strangers asking me how far along I am at the moment and as soon as I say only 6 months, the horror look on their faces is priceless!

About 10 more weeks to go. I can do it!

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