Tuesday, August 14, 2012

30 weeks pregnant with twins

And I've been put on bedrest!!

All has been fine and dandy. Infact the last few weekends I've been cooking and baking for Hari Raya. A little at a time each weekend. But I have been extremely busy at the office.

When suddenly.....

The tightenings on my tummy seemed more frequent over the recent weekend. My dr. had advised, if it is more than 3-4 times a day, then it is not usual. I was definitely experiencing something more frequent than that, although I never counted. By evening, when I thought it "more than normal", I started timing it. It was almost every half and hour! It was not painful, just uncomfortable. Especially if I was talking, I would have to stop walking for a bit. It felt as though the babies are turning around big time in my tummy. So after buka on Sunday night, I decided to go for a CTG at the hospital.

I told the midwife at the maternity ward what had transpired. She hooked me up and checked for the twin's heartbeats. And then another thingy for detecting contractions. The readings showed no contractions. However she advised me to come in again the next morning for another CTG and then see my doctor.

So I did just that. That morning, I showed a small amount of tightening on the graph.

At the doctors office, my gynea did a vaginal scan. The scan revealed that my cervix had shortened from the normal 4cm to 3cm! He says that if it stays that way until I give birth, then thats ok. But anything can happen and suddenly my cervix starts to open and I suddenly go into labour. So he gave me a week off work to rest and some meds to stop the tightening or any contractions. I was told to come in again on Friday to take a look at how its all going.

Fingers cross I hang in there until 37 weeks. We planned for a c section on 28th of Sept.

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