Sunday, August 26, 2012

Twin pregnancy discomfort

I had a very comfortable second trimester with nausea out of they way. Yes the belly was heavy but generally I could get on with my daily life quite ok. I had some pubic bone and pelvic pain sometime in the early 6th month but that went away after 2 weeks. I look alarmingly large to people but I felt comfortable. I could still go swimming and yup we went to Hong Kong Disneyland.

The third trimester turned out very different. It was like a flip of a switch.i instantly felt like I was getting heavier every week. I had tummy tightenings (as the dr said I would) more frequently and they were more uncomfortable too. They were not painful but I could not move or do anything until it passes over. It lasts for about a minute or two. The size of my belly is also getting unbearably large. It is like literally having a ball on my lap. I cannot sit my my legs together and it is now impossible for me to walk longer than 10 minutes without feeling extremely uncomfortable. Last week I went to Ikea and had to rent a wheelchair. That was a blessing!

Lying down is totally hell. I feel like I am. Being crushed by a huge ball. I can only lie comfortably on my side with a pillow supporting my tummy. I cannot turn over without crying in pain. I got a maternity belt recently and that really helps! Especially when sleeping!

Now am 32 weeks and have 5 weeks more to go before my scheduled c section. As the coming weeks would mean that the babies would be busy piling on weight, I cannot imagine how much more uncomfortable it would be!

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