Sunday, September 02, 2012

33 weeks pregnant with twins

On my last check up, I had gained 19kg weighing at 69kg. Babies are 2kg each and my feet are getting swollen from water retention.

My morning sickness is back but its not too bad. Manageable. Somedays I do have to take medication for it. I have some slight dizziness as well. Still not much pelvic pain, only yesterday I felt like I could not walk as smoothly. No pubic bone pain yet. These are all little blessings as I only have to cope with the weight. If these pains kick in, it would be HELL. It is uncomfortable as it is with the huge belly.

I can still walk in shopping malls but have to take breaks every half hour or so.

I have already started my maternity leave. My colleagues were literally begging for me to stay home. I must look that HUGE at work! I do get strangers saying Woa!! while waiting for the lift at the office! People just can't help it! They just have to ask or say something.

Looking at myself everyday, I don't seem to think my belly is that huge. But since I make such an impression with strangers.... I suppose it really is that HUGE.

So here's me at 33 weeks. I still got to get cracking with packing the hospital bag!!!

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