Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Making your own baby food

This is where I get overly excited. Making baby food. I don't know why, I just find it so exciting! 

My reference has always been Annabel Karmel. I've mentioned her a few times in this blog already. Sh has awesome recipes and guides on making even the most simplest purees to interesting and very different ideas for baby food. I hardly think anyone can screw up baby food with Annabel Karmel. She's got a fantastic ipad app with a voice activated page turning function!

Ok here's one of my favourite recipes. It's not an Annabel Karmel though. It's one of my own.

Baby beef stew

Beef, cut into cubes
One large onion
2 cloves of garlic

I did not specify the amount for the main ingredients. Simply because you just throw in the amount according to how much you want to make. You want more carrots, throw in more. Less celery? (Or even no celery), leave them out. In the photos below, I used peas instead of celery. I always like to put as much green vegetables into my baby food. This is the time to stuff them with as much greens as possible without them protesting! But of course you have to disguise the taste with better tasting vegs like carrots, sweet potatoes, or.... in a stew!


Get out a large pot and boil about a litre of water. Throw in all the ingredients and boil. Cook until all the vegs are soft. Then purée the veg wi the beef stock. As the beef would be quite tough, I don't include them in the purée as I don't want to risk choking the babies. The stock will provide enough iron and beef flavour. 

And that's it!



Then I would scoop the purée into muffin moulds, wrap it in foil and then freeze. Once frozen I'd transfer them into a Lock and Lock. For this purée, I serve them with soft porridge. 



And there you have it, a very simple nutritious meal that lasts a week! 

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Carolyn said...

looks yummy!....looking after twins is great right? I know coz my sis has triplets!....we all took turns helping out. they grow up with different personalities, but its so nice to see how they look out for each other......super protective!...and they are very close. So enjoy the twinnies..u have a great journey/experience ahead