Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So what's happened to Ayden??

If you have been following my blog, you'd be wondering with happened to Ayden, who had dominated this blog space for the first 2 years of his life. Before the twins arrived.

Oh he's not been forgotten. It's just that I have not been blogging much about him. 

He's grown in leaps and bounds. A whole lot taller. It seems that he grows taller by the week!

He's like a little adult. So much so we forget that he really is only three. Our darling first born, who's the centre of my life is growing and being his own man before my very own eyes.

And not to mention stubborn. Yes besides growing tall, his toddler tantrums is also taking centre stage. We are all coping with it and hope that it is a passing thing. 

Few weeks ago I received his half year report card. According to his teachers he listens to instructions and plays with his friends well. That shocked the hell out of us. At home he is the total opposite. Well at least he is behaving in school. His teachers also said that he is really smart and remembers what he learns very well. Yes his memory is very sharp. I wonder if that is common amongst 3 year olds anyway. Don't want to be blowing my proud mummy's horn just yet :p

So here's how much he's grown. Washing his own bike now. Mind you he only washes it. He does not seem to like riding it!



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