Monday, October 14, 2013

Getting my life back into order

I had not have any exercise since the twins came. My muscles are all knotted and I am stiff all over. Now that the twins are older and more manageable and Ayden's tantrums has calmed, I really need to get back on track with my fitness.

So I've decided to practice yoga again.. after many years of hiatus. Yoga has been extremely good for my back, where I did surgery about 8 years ago. It is also great to strengthen my muscles, especially my thigh muscles. You won't realise how weak your muscles are until you try yoga!

A practical and no-registration place to go to is Upward Yoga. It is at at Subang Jaya, near Saujana, just after Bunga Raya condo. Close enough to my home to make it there at 9am on Saturday mornings for their Heal and Stretch class. Suitable for beginners and pregnant women.

Its a real simple set up with windows overlooking lots of trees and green. The owner/instructor Ninie Ahmad prepares an awesome refreshment in the morning before the first class starts. It is usually a type of tea with fruits and herbs in it. Very different and definitely very refreshing. Each class is only RM30 with no registration fee required. No need to book a slot either. Just make sure you show up 20 minutes before the class starts. You do need to hire a yoga matt cover which costs RM5. I did notice other students bringing in their own yoga mats and place them on top of the one provided by the centre. 

The Health and Stretch class was simple yet allows you to challenge yourself. It really did wonders to my sore muscles and aching back! The second class is free and the third class is only RM10. Each class  has around 10 students each time. Not too crowded and not too quiet either. Its just nice. The poses instructed by Ninie, I must say is very different from all the different yoga classes I have attended. She also encourages you to do impossible (impossible to me anyway!) poses like hand stands and backward-something-leg-up thing.... which i never thought I could do but I did! Of course with Ninie holding up my legs for me but boy was the stretch good!!

Am definitely going to make it a weekly thing. I also plan to go more often to the gym at my office. At least once or twice during the work week. I really got to get my stamina back... and of course my lovely shape. ROUND is still a shape right!! heheh

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