Thursday, May 01, 2014

My new toy!

After all these years of being a gadget freak I'm at it again!This time I've move on from being an apple diehard to a Samsung and I'm blown away. Why on earth have I not tried Samsung earlier??

I've used the iPhone for as long as I can remember. Started off with the iPhone 3.Then the 4.Then I had my lpads. From the retina display oneto the iPad mini. I thought my gadget collection was complete and fully fulfilled with my gadgety needs.

Then I found the Samsung Note 3. Was immediately blown away with the writing function. All this while I was writing on my iPad with the ridiculous round headed stylus on the Bamboo Paper app and I thought I was sorted.

Well now I am blogging from my note 3 and writing fluidly with my messy hand writing and it is working great! It recognises the words no problem. No excuse not to blog anymore!

Now to figure out how to attach a phototo a blog post. Hmm!

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