Sunday, May 04, 2014

The twins are l. 5 years old

I must admit I don't post as much about the twin than I do about Ayden. No, I don't favor them less, I just took a blogging break.

One and a half already and they have grown in leaps and bounds.

Aaron is able to say a lot of words. Ball, duck, cat,mummy, daddy.... he really is a very chatty boy.

Hannah being a girl does not have that many words in her vocabulary yet. She babbles a lot but not very legible words. But she is my girly in character.The way she tilts her head to the side when you tuck her hair behind her ears. So so sweet.

I don't often go to shopping malls over the weekend to jalan-jalan, apart from Bangsar village after their Gymboree class.  Last week, since daddy was away for work over the weekend, we decided to go to One Utama. A place where we generally do not go if daddy was around. He hates the crowd! So us 4 including Ayden had a great time wondering through the mall. The twins one getting none manageable so its quite easy getting around with them. But I still can't do it without the maid though. Still need another adult to manage the kids. 

Hannah is now so much more brave in crowded places compared to when she was younger. Aaron is always willing to try new things and explore.

Here ane the twins at the mall. So grown up at 1.5 years. They say it gets easier and so much more fun as they approach two. I couldn't agree more!

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