Friday, July 18, 2014

Aaron my really smart boy

The twins turn 2 this September and Aaron is developing and learning very quickly.

He loves his picture books and will bring his favourite to me and we would go through the pictures together. He will ask me to point at a picture and he will say what it is. He is able to recognise most of the typical things around us that picture books normally have eg ball, car, flower, cat, duck etc...

Last night I drew some pictures of his usual favourites feom the picture book on the doodle board, and despite my appalling drawing skills, he is able to identify almost all of them!

Aaron shows a lot of keenness in learning and has patience to sit through an entire story book. While I'm reading he would excitedly point out pictures that he is familiar with.

My happy boy is such a joy, always smiling and always curious. Mummy pray you grow up to be a great person and with lots of love around you.

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