Monday, November 17, 2014

Beef Shaksuka and Sweet Corn Salad Recipe

Weekends are hectic for me. Who won’t with three kids under 4! Cooking has to be quick and easy. And not rice as we have that during the week day almost everyday. So I have to come up with something creative.

I have been making a few rounds of Shaksuka over the last few months. There are lots of recipes on the internet and I had been trying the vegetarian version. I find it a little bit too sour and bland for my liking. I like my sauce to be beefy and hearty.

So I incorporated beef into the recipe.

So here’s a home version type of recipe. Not exactly to the gram or inches but you get the picture *wink*

Beef Shaksuka Recipe

About 200gm mince beef. Or whatever is ideal for the size  of your family.

One large Spanish onion chopped.

1 or 2 cloves of garlic, chopped.

Some chopped red, yellow and green peppers.

One chopped tomato. Or more if you like.

One small can of tomato puree, or where I live they come in 160gm size.

4 eggs. Or more if you have more to feed. Ideally one person per egg.

A pinch of cumin

Salt and pepper to taste

I cheat with a little bit of tomato sauce sometimes, just to add on if I feel the taste is not quite there.


Sautee the onion and garlic until fragrant. Add in the beef. Cook it through before adding the chopped red, yellow and green peppers. Add in the chopped tomatoes after that.

Sautee until the peppers are soft. Add in the tomato puree.

Season with salt, pepper and some tomato sauce cheat if you feel the taste is not quite there.

The sauce should be a little watery. I like it this way, so I can dip my bread in it. Some recipe calls for it to be quite dry.

Make little indentations in the sauce and crack your egg over it. Cover and let it cook until you get the consistency that you like for your egg. I like mine runny. Again all the better to dip the bread into!

And that’s it.

I really like the crab and sweet corn salad from Bens. I was suddenly craving for it one day. So I decided to do a real cincai one.

Sweet Corn Recipe

One can of sweet corn

Some cole slaw dressing

Some greens.


Lay some greens at the bottom of a salad dish

Get your sweet corn on top of that.

Squirt some slaw dressing over it.

That’s it!! I suppose if you have some crab sticks that would go great with it too.

A quick and easy well balanced meal. Not the cheapest. But will do.

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