Monday, November 17, 2014

Company Sports Day

At my work place, we had a year long host of activities each competing houses had to accumulate points to win the Cup.

My department, the Commercial Dept’s house is named Blue Vikings. We started off last with the few activities. Then everyone suddenly caught the competitive bug and we decided to pull our weight and compete properly. I mean we really wanted to NOT be last in the very least.

Our first victory was the Master Chef competition. That pulled us from last place to second place. There are three houses in total competing. Over the months we managed to pull to first place with activities like treasure hunt, talent show, and bowling. We won first most of it, giving us very strong points for first place.

Last weekend was the grand finale. The sports day. The organizer planned out traditional games, like galah panjang, baling selipar, lastik getah… remember these?? We barely!

Unfortunately we did not fare too well. We won the three legged race and sepak bulu ayam. There was also a house decorating competition which we think we got the highest points. The thing was, everyone stayed until the end of the event but…. They did not want to announce the winner until the annual dinner! Arrgh! We stayed in the heat until noon only to find that our suspense is not quite over yet.

I brought all three kids as there was bouncy castle, face painting and activities planned for the kids. My kids held out well despite the heat and enjoyed themselves tremendously. Ayden spent the whole hot morning on the bouncy castle. Only stopping for water breaks. The twins had the pleasure of some bigger kid’s company, who apparently loved them and entertained them all morning. I was busy with galah panjang and supporting my team mates. Daddy took care of them most of it.

All red with heat but they did not fuss at all. I am surprised! So that was our weekend activity sorted. After that we went home and everyone pengsan. I however only managed to lie down and play Farmville 2 (have you tried this game? Its awesome!). I had a splitting headache from the heat and not to mention slightly burnt.

Here are some of the photos from the sports day. I had archived my photos on the weekend from my phone so these are the instagram photos which I managed to store on a separate folder.

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