Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Breakfast of a working mum

I actually eat better when I am at work. I get lots of “me” time too. The perks of being a working mum.

No I shan’t rant about the negativities of being a working mum. We all know what we have to give up, sacrifice, guilt, and the usual blah blah. So since we are already in this predicament (and can’t get out of it… ok that’s another post altogether), lets not lament about it but look at the positives.

So being at work, I get lots of “me” time. Have a good breakfast with a good cup of coffee. Take my time (when the boss is not around/ or come in early to work) and basically start the day slowly.

There is a good place to have breakfast in the building where I work. I don’t go there that often due to wanting to keep to a decent food budget, but often enough to try most of the things on the menu. Which is not that big a menu, but a good enough breakfast menu.

This morning I had poached eggs on a bed of asparagus with some creamy sauce. Sprinkled with crunchy croutons and two slices of bread. Its almost quite a “light” breakfast. Not too heavy.

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