Wednesday, November 19, 2014

When life bites you in the ass

Life really does has its ups and downs. We go through difficult times, brave through the day/ or days, and hope to get out alive.

But the ups and downs in life, when you have a family, is a bit more than that. It really hits you in the gut. It makes you really think about the decisions you make, or the options that you might go for. Simple because there is more at stake. There is more to think about, because there are others who rely on you. The decisions that we make may sometimes be not the best for us, but it probably is the best for the family.

And during the down times, you need to swallow that bitter pill and wait it out. And hopefully there is a light at the end of the tunnel, or that silver lining behind the cloud. Or you hope that things don’t get even worst. If it does, then you may need to hang on even tighter.

Because the decisions we make, can and will affect your family.

This is where prayer is your savior. Positive thoughts. Anthony Robbins. That Sharma guy. Positive quotes on Pinterest. A good friend. A mentor. A supportive spouse.

We need the tools to get by our day. Because as we get on in life, things are not that straight forward anymore.

I remember an old friend used to tell me. Problems may not seem that big when you step back and look at it in a bigger picture. Obstacles in life may lead you to better directions. Everyone has to go through it.

This was in university. What a good friend she is. In the thick of things also we tend to overlook the better things that we have in our lives. Good friends. I for one take that for granted.

So when life bites you in the ass, think of the good things that we have. Don’t have to be something bombastically big, or anything materialistic. Sometimes it’s just starring in your face but we fail to see it.

Then hang on to dear life and brace yourself until it’s all over. Hopefully it does not take too long.

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