Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Breakfast at Chinoz BSC

On weekends we like to make it a point to go somewhere nice for breakfast.

So about once a week we would try out a nice place. Has to be family friendly of course and would have something that the kids would enjoy.

So last week we went to Chinoz at BSC. Was nice and quiet. Did not have too many people so we had no problems parking our massive stroller. The comfy benches with cushions were great for the twins, which means they don’t need high chairs and were fairly comfortable for them.

Ayden can’t seem to live without roti canai so believe it or not we ordered roti canai for him… at CHINOZ!! I had the eggs ben, the twins had the fluffy pancakes while the daddy had the full on big breakfast. The price was not too bad and the meal comes with a coffee. Everything tastes yummy and the portions were just nice.

We’d definitely come here again for our weekend breakfast outing.

Plus BSC was having a market sale thing going on the ground floor so we had fun browsing.

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