Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Retrofest at Sunway Lagoon!!

I feel so old when my favourite tunes are called retro or oldies! Well guess what, my favourites came to perform at the Sunway Lagoon surf beach few weekends back!

We had Colour Me Bad ( oh yes!! ), Firehouse, Diana King and Tevin Campbell!

Armed with a pair of shorts and good fip flops my friend and I (hubby willingly took care of the kids for the  evening ) headed for the surf beach for a night of fun.

It's my first time attending a concert at the Sunway Lagoon surf beach so I had no idea what to expect. Apparently fip flops are a must as it is well.... a beach hence very sandy. So don't go with your killer heels or wedges or anything like that.

The concert was from 6pm to midnight so my friend and I decided to be there by 8pm. Unfortunately we arrived around 8.30pm as we had difficulties finding a ppace to park.

We missed Colour Me Bad and only managed to catch a few verse from their last song I wanna Sex You Up!

After CMB was Firehouse and boy they took the house down. Those grandpas can still sing lol!! They sang all my favourites Love of a Lifetime,  When I look into your eyes and I live my life for you. Reminds me of my UK days!!

After Firehouse we had a DJ playingclub music for about half an hour. Music from our clubbing days!! So best! Nights at Modestos came rolling back.

Diana King came on and boy can that woman sing!! By far the best performance all night. She sang 5 or 6 songs. Awesome awesome energy. She even took a selfie with the audience! Apparently she was i  Malaysia 20 years ago. 20!! Definitely feel old.

By the time Tevin Campbell came on it was 11.30pm and the audience was already tired and some were already leaving. His set was not too bad but i thought ending the concert with slow R&B was a bit of an anti climax.

Anyhow we had an awesome time dancing to old times. The crowd turn out was unfortunately quite disappointing to the organizers. Not many people at all. Poor publicity perhaps? Such a shame cause it was a good show. Hope they do more of it.

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