Thursday, November 20, 2014

My little girl Hannah

I wasn’t sure if Hannah would be girly, or would she take on the boys because she has two brothers who loves trains. As she is my first girl, I was not sure what she would like to play with either. So I just left her to play with whatever we had at home. Mostly Ayden’s toys. I never needed to buy anything new for the twins. Thankfully Aaron likes trains too. He REALLY likes trains. Even more than Ayden almost.

So for Hannah’s second birthday, I decided to get her a Baby Alive doll. She was thrilled. Fed her dolly, which she calls “Baby” milk all day long. Her aunt bought her a baby stroller to go with it. But she did not get into it much.

Until one day at Toys R Us, she spotted a “Frozen” handbag. She made a bee line for it! And refused to leave without it! Mummy BAG! Mummy PLEASE! So needless to say we went home with the bag. Which she put on immediately.

Then her grandma went to Korea and bought her another bag. So that her other favourite bag. Which she goes everywhere with. So what does she have in her bag? Hers and Aaron’s pacifier!

Another thing that caught me by surprise is make up! She insists that I put her on my make up counter and play with my brushes. And insists that she “apply” make up on my face with each and every brush!

Early this week a friend made me a mummy and daughter rainbow loom bracelet. Hannah proudly showed off her bracelet to Aaron. Pwetty!! Aaron yuuuk! Pwetty!!

So there it is I found the girly side of her!

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