Friday, November 21, 2014

The Hurom Juicer

It’s the in thing now! Juicing for good health.

While the social media and the web is filled with fanciful juicing recipes, mostly green in colour, I just go for the plane jane orange juice. Or just one or two fruit combo juices. Mostly not green in colour.

I bought my slow juicer from La Juiceria. It’s a Hurom juicer. It cost me RM1998 and came with a free sorbet maker. La Juiceria delivered it to me for free. Interested? Just go to their website and place and order.

But before investing this hefty amount I wanted to try their juice first. Recently La Juiceria opened their own shop in Hartamas. The same row as Podgy and the Banker. They had also opened a kiosk in Mid Valley. But before they opened their outlets they only sold their juice from their website and they were promoted in juice fast packages.

They had 2 day, 4 days and 6 days juice fast packages. Basically it involves only drinking their juice and not eat for that period of time. I could not heck not eating for so many days so I opted from the 2 days one.

The 2 day package comes with 12 bottles of juice. You are meant to drink 6 bottles of juice a day. Each bottle is labelled with numbers in the order that you are meant to drink it. Every bottle is meant to be drank 2 hours apart while you have to drink lots of water in between. Your package will also come with a free packet of cashew nuts which you can munch during your fast.

The juices were yummy with the recipe printed on the bottles. Though I successfully finished my juice according to the instructions… BUT… I had pizza for dinner on the first night. I can’t help it! Hubby ordered pizza and everyone was devouring it whole heartedly!

So with the juices tasting good and all I decided to make my purchase. I also youtubed some reviews and I had some friends who also bought the Hurom and all says it’s good. The main thing was that it was easy to clean apparently and that is the most important thing.

Other brands that are also popular is also the Coway and Primada. Coway being the most affordable (around RM1500) and the Primada being the priciest at around RM2400. I just went for the in between. My selection was just that simple. Ease of cleaning, price and popularity!

The other main reason for me to get this very expensive toy is because Ayden refuses to eat any greens or fruits. So I thought by juicing everything, he might just agree to down some. He likes Boost Juices and Juice Works.

So I get him involved in the juicing. He gets to feed in the fruits into the juicer. One of my simple favourite is just plain orange juice. Nowadays I add in pineapple and am so addicted to it!

Ayden’s favourite is strawberry and apple. Sometimes we throw in a banana. And he loves it! So we managed to get some fruits in him after all!

I also make Ayden a “Super Hero” juice. It contains beetroot, 2 apples, 2 carrots and a lemon. I tell him it makes him taller and stronger. I place my hand on top of his head and everytime he takes a sip I press down my hand on his head making him think that he is growing taller… and he totally believes it!! So he drinks that too! Sometimes I will sneak in some broccoli. Not celery though cause the fruits can’t camouflage the taste of celery.

Fruits can be expensive though. To get one liter of orange juice you need around 12 oranges. If you throw in one small pineapple you should be able to get almost 1.5 liters. 8 apples will get you hardly one liter of juice. So you need quite a lot of fruits if you need a lot of juice! Something to consider when you are thinking of investing in a slow juicer.

I’ve not tried any green juices yet. Will do after I get over my addiction of orange and pineapple juice!

So that’s our juicing adventure. Worth the investment in my books.

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