Saturday, February 21, 2015

Home made steak sandwich

After 2 days of over eating today I decided to make something simple but yummy. I saw it on a programme on tv so I can't really take credit for this simple yet restaurant quality (well almost) sandwich.

I bought some top side beef for the steak. Sliced it into thin slices, marinated it with just salt and pepper and pan fried it on a pan.

Meanwhile I sliced a panini into half, spooned some marinara sauce onto the bottom half of the panini followed by some fresh greens. Then add the piping hot steak and then a slice of gauda cheese. I also had a grill going on the fire so by the time I finished assembling the sandwhich it was ready to go onto the grill.

Just a few seconds on each side was enough to melt the cheese and have some wonderful  charred lines on the sandwich.

And that was it! For extra zing you can add some horseradish sauce into the sandwich.

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