Thursday, February 19, 2015

Whats your CNY routine?

For us, there's the reunion dinner of course. Since the last few years we've been eating out on my grandmother's request as she's too old and tired to cook. We've offered to help but she insists on eating out. So eating out it is.

Then on CNY morning we would all go to my grandmother's house to pai lean. She would usually serve vegetarian meehoon and a vegetarian side dish. Of course there would be dong sui and cookies. We would bring other desserts like cakes. After eating... or feasting.. oh and collecting ang pow, we would do what a typical Malaysian would at any festival, watch tv lol.. or in my case blog.

On the second day my cousin who lives in Singapore will come up with her husband and we will lou sang and makan again. Then its tv again haha!!

So thats our usual CNY routine. What's yours?

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