Monday, February 23, 2015

I have a dream

Of working from home. Of taking my photography to higher levels, a more profitable business.

I've been so inspired by Australian newborn photographer Kelly Brown, I found her baby randomly googling for newborn photography workshops. She is a mum of 3 kids 2 of them being a pair of twins. She has the lifestyle that I crave. Her studio is right in her home. In her workshop video, which I purchased from Creative Live, she explains her routine. She takes in one appointment each day which starts at 10am after her kids are in school. She'd be done with the shoot at around noon. Her kids comes home from school at 2pm and where she would then focus on her kids and give them her undivided attention. She'll then do her editing at 10pm at night when the kids are asleep.

Thats not a bad routine is it! She makes around AUD 100k per year. Not too bad at all for a "mum with a camera " as she calls herself.

Her studio at her homein Australia is so inspiring. Simple and comfortable inexpensive to set up.

Being so inspired her workshop and her life, I began shooting newborn babies. I bought the basic equipment and props tp start up. By some friends network and rezeki I got my first jobs at a confinement centre.

I even took a drive to a nearby SOHO (small office home office) near where I live to see if the space would be suitable for a studio.

Lots of fairy dust please! Make my dream come true

Here is what I shot over the weekend

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