Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mian Fen Guo - Noodle Shack

I love soupy stuff for lunch. Its my comfort food. My colleagues will ask me "so what you feel like eating? ... don't tell me let me guess....something soupy "

Hehe yes I can be that predictable,  and very boring.

Noodle Shack at Avenue K has awesome soupy stuff. All sorts of pan mee. But looking at the menu, the broth is all the same. Only difference is the topping. I usually go for the tradisional mian fen gou. I also always order the soya bean drink to go with it too. Every bowl of pan mee will come with a fiery hot chilli side condiment. Sure adds some kick to my soupy lunch! Best!

Their menu is real cute. It's a school exercise book.

The queue is real long if you are there at 12.30pm as it is the peak of lunch hour. I usually wait until the crowd dies down a little past one so I have a higher chance of getting a table.

Its a pork free and preservatives free restaurant. I'd recommend it any time.

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