Friday, February 27, 2015

Losing the flap.. errr flab

Yes I am flapping all over the place. Everything moves and jiggles. When I stop walking, I wished that my bits stops with me.

My friends were going on about Kayla_itsines on Instagram. It was all about killer abs and extremely fit bodies. Bodies due to good diet and aggressive workout. Lots of before and after photos. I waa blown away. I mean .. wow. Ok to be fair the before photos were not as horrendous as my current "condition". But even if I achieve half of the many testimonials I'd be more than happy.

So I got myself one of Kyla's guide. Its called the Kayla Bikini Body Guide. At first glance I thought it looks easy enough. 10 reps of this, 15 reps of that... 2 times each circuit. Total of 4 circuits each session. 28 minutes in total each session.

Easy enough.


At least not when you are as unfit as me. Ya sure I used to work out, play lots of golf..but that was in a far distant memory.

Kayla did warn that her routines are not for beginners and that one should get to some level of fitness before starting her routine. As usual me in my world of denial... hey I'm fit wat!!...chose to jump right in.

I nearly died the first 10 minutes. It really is tough! Either that or I'm realky unfit... like DUH!!

But its a real good workout. 28 minutes of really good training. It really elevates your heart rate and gets your sweat going. Though I feel like passing out few times, I feel great after each workout.

I've just completed my first week. Thats 3 times a week. 11 weeks more to go.

No I shan't share my before photos! Not on my blog anyway. But I'm more than happy to share my selfies at the gym.

Here's to the end of week one and healthier bodies.

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