Monday, March 02, 2015

Naturally a girl

I thought that because she's the only girl amongst her siblings, she would be boyish like her brothers.

But I was wrong. Seems like nature and not nuture that creates who you are.

Hannah is girly in all ways. In her mannerism,  her gestures, even nags!! And a naturally nuturing.

She cares for her brothers... ok she fights with them most of the time.

But one time when Ayden was having a temperature, she insisted on sponging him.

She feeds her dolls. Oh yes mam mam!

And changes the diapers too.

She loves handbags. And picks which shoes she likes to wear that day! Thats when mummy gets a heart attack when they don't match her outfit!

We will have a blast when you are older my princess! We'll go for manicures together kay!

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