Monday, March 02, 2015

Of homework and traumatic things like that

Ayden brought home homework for the first time last week. Three pages of pre-school age appropriate stuff.

It was then I realised that Ayden is struggling with writing certain alphabets. Like his 'd' is written like a 'b'. He writes his 'A' start from the right side first.

Time for mummy intervention.

So I printed some writing exercises from the net. There are loads of templates available to print. I just pick the alphabets we want to practice. So of course I printed this in the office lah.

So when I came home this evening,  had a quick dinner and headed to tutor my son.

We did two lines of Aa and Bb and Dd. Cos they were the alphabets he's been struggling with. Tomorrow we will do Nn.

After Ayden was done with his writing, his siblings came traipsing into the room. Of course they want a go at whatever is going on at the table too.


Carolyn said...

my son did the exact same thing last year. b, d, 6 ,9,e,and some other words always written terbalik. i did what you are doing now, plus made him identify those letters in books and spell the words. It got better. So I think all he needs is practise

Lin said...

I was almost feeling guilty for neglecting Ayden's progress at school. He doesn't get much homework but thankfully we get his marked up work from school. From there I spotted his mistakes. Got to do more with him from now on .

BTW thanks for dropping by my blog !