Saturday, July 04, 2015

Best day of the week

Is Saturday. Well it's the first day of the weekend. We get to wake up late, have home made breakfast and lots of family time.

It's also the day where the kids have their activities. Ayden has his swimming class and at the same time, the twins has their football class. Seriously saves us fron running to different locations for their classes. Instead, all is done at The Club on a Saturday afternoon.

Ayden's been having classes with Advanced Aquatics and today he got upgraded to Yellow 2 group where he will learn front crawl with breathing. Yellow 1 was about front crawl with arms and legs and Red 2 was about just kicking. I love how they split the groups into skills so each child can progress at their own pace without having to wait for the class.

The twins are really enjoying their football class and today there are 2 more boys in their class making it even more fun for them. Aaron is doing extremely well and is really blossoming at it.

Really is so much fun doing all these activities with the kiddos and we are so blessed that we are able to provide for them to enjoy these things in their early life.

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