Monday, July 06, 2015

My little funnies

The twins are almost three and Ayden just turned five. Only a parent can understand how much fun this age can be!

Yea sure they fight, they do have their moments, but Alhamdullilah these 3 do look out for each other and enjoy each other's company. And surprisingly, the boys are really good playmates.

Like when the twins are at their football classes,  Ayden is there to cheer them on, hold their hand and give them moral support. Aaron makes sure Hannah stands in line in class. At home when she cries he runs to look for her pacifier. When Aaron cries, Hannah will comfort him and say "don't cry Aaron, yuuuuk mummy is here" while waving her finger at me.

Before I became a mother,  I bear so many negative remarks about motherhood. How tiring it is,  how stressful it is, how much freedom we have to give up, how much money it would cost.
I vowed at that time that if I get to be a mother, my life will be the opposite of that. I will make something out of it.

True to my words, I enjoy motherhood no matter how tired I get, how broke or how how frustrating it can be. Because I was almost not granted this privilege. I was given a second chance.

This second chance taught me more than just being a mother,  but to also be a better person,  and that life can be so sweet. And not sweat the small stuff.

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