Sunday, June 08, 2008

Brunch at Village Park, Damansara Uptown

Yet another food post. I can never get bored of it :)

Village Park is one of our favourite haunts. Hubby's favourite is the nasi lemak ayam goreng, which is indeed very sedap, and I also usually have it too. But this time, I had the soto ayam, without nasi himpit or beehoon. Carb free. M on a diet :)

We also tried the milo dinosour. Absolutely satisfying. Served in a giant chilled mug, the milo is made into slush and extra milo powder is spooned on top of the drink. Yummmyyyy!! Memang kao!!

Delicious nevertheless

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floweRinthedesert said...

my bros would enjoy tht mug of milo cos they usually make theirs so thick n rich n chilled AND in a HUGE milo mug (looks more like a jug actually)! :) must tell them to try this one out.

how r u dear? long time no hear. good to know u enjoy watching AFC n esp license to grill. i jus love tht show too. btw ur lamb looked yummylicious! buat bbq tak ajak kita ke? he he naaahh jus teasing...

salams to ur hubby n mom yah... :)