Monday, June 23, 2008

I love Anya Hindmarch!

I love Anya Hindmarch!, originally uploaded by Selinz.

I got these babies from Jakarta and they were DIRT cheap!! Would have gotten more but I had to save the money for Zurich.

So gals, if u want Anya Hindmarch stuff, go to ITC, second floor. The shop is somewhere in the right of the escalator, kinda hard to explain exactly where as the place is like Sungai Wang Plaza.


Hedge-Ay said...

Original? which itc is this? I am going to JKT this august

*cosmic freak* said...

I saw the same exact bag in ITC when I was there last March. Hahaha. The LeSportSac's material look a bit glossy tho.

I was walking with my bro Muid in ITC and thought "Hey, we didn't come all the way to Jakarta to go to IMBI PLaza did we?"

Baby Mits said...

Hedge-ay: I did not realise that there were a few ITCs. M not sure which one I went, I remember tho that there was a connecting building to the one I went.

cosmic freak: Wah u saw it in March? Must be the same one, they only have one of each design I think. M not abig fan of LeSportSac, but the ones at the shop tuh seems quite nice.