Thursday, July 03, 2008


Zurich, originally uploaded by Selinz.

I took this shot when I was in Zurich, exploring the city one evening. It was slightly rainy and I thought it would have made a perfect mood shot.

There are cross roads in our lives. Some taken by ourselves, some determined by others. I try at best to make the best decisions for better things. Some are just out of my hands.

I do wonder what what my life would be like if Allah had chosen better paths for me. Would it be better?

Today I ache in agony the path I walk in. Would it get better, will things make a turn for the better. I yearn for peace in my heart and my mind. I believe that things happen for a reason. I hope I see the lessons that I was meant to learn is clear to me.

I hope for the agony to stop
I hope the sadness goes away
I hope things gets better
I wish to breathe more easily and smile everyday


Isam d'Allee said...

I pray and hope that you will soon find and walk in the path that will bring you peace in your heart, mind and soul (whatever it may be).

I reached a crossroad recently with a road sign pointing to the path I had been yearning for (not necessarily the same as yours). However, I am still standing at the crossroad unable to make the first step.


citykoos said...

hang in there bebs..

Baby Mits said...

thanks Isam and citykoos for the encouragement. Hope things gets better.